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Fashion Notes, from the Library of Congress

Articles for Family Tree Magazine:
Obituary Workbook Jan/Feb 2015 Issue
“How to Get Started With Genealogy and DNA Research” Dec 2012 issue (reprinted Summer 2013)

Articles for Going In-Depth:
Feb 2013
Beginning the Process
Mar 2103
Children’s Lineage Societies
Apr 2013
Law and Order and Criminals 
May 2013
Royal Lineages
Jun 2013
Learning from the Society of Friends
Jul 2013
President and Declaration Societies
Aug 2013
Huguenot Societies
Sept 2013
Embracing Your Revolutionary Past
Oct 2013
Civil war Societies for Female Descendants
Nov 2013
Male Descendants of Civil war Veterans
Dec 2013
Getting You Pointed in the Right Direction (How to organize your papers)
Jan 2014
Ancestors in Paradise
Feb 2014
Florida Societies
Mar 2014
Societies for Irish Descendants
Apr 2014
Jacket Research: Pocahontas
May 2014
California Societies
July 2014
Honoring the founders of new England
August 2014
Celebrating Ancestors from Mr. Madison’s War
October 2014
Pioneer Societies: for those of us who like to be first!

Blog Posts for The In-Depth Genealogist can be found here.

Student Blogger posts for The National Institute for Genealogical Studies can be found here.

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